What is Passion?

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“Allow your Passion to become your Purpose and it will one day become your Profession

I never wanted to be a teacher. In fact, I didn’t even like children- especially other people’s! So it came as a bit of a shock when one day, as I sat at home, doing some research for my cousin on how to become a teacher, I had an epiphany. In a moment of clarity, complete with metaphorical light bulb going off above my head, I realised that; not only could I become a teacher, but that I should become a teacher… more than that – I MUST become a teacher.

The journey to becoming a teacher began with a passion for reading. From the age of four, I remember sitting with my beloved Grandfather, reading book after book. He would tell me gently that I needed to read ‘with expression’, and so I began to create each character as I read, using voices and accents to bring them to life.

Later in life, I showed a flair for English Literature and was able to achieve straight As at both GCSE and A Level. This led to a degree in the subject at University. And that’s when things began to go wrong.

Perhaps it was the demands of academic study, or being away from home, but I was deeply unhappy and so, my passion for reading faded. I limped to the end of my degree, but my love of reading had died.

A career in publishing did nothing to reignite that passion. Hundreds of manuscripts arrived on my desk each week. I had the job of reading each one, most of which were sadly rejected by the letter that I had to write. That was a bit of a passion killer!

My next career however, fostered a great love of writing. I worked on a national magazine for a major youth charity and wrote everything from celebrity interviews, articles and press releases. By now, I was happily married and along came my two beautiful sons. Reading to my boys, I began once again to love reading. The choices were limited to ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, but once again, the characters began to come to life. I remembered the joy of reading.

Skip forwards to that rainy afternoon, some twelve years later, when I realised that everything I had done: university, publishing, writing, reading to my sons and working for my church with children and families had brought me to that moment of realisation: that I would become a teacher of English.

Going back to University revealed to me my second passion: learning. I thrived in an academic environment and arrived at Harlington seven years ago, having trained successfully to become a teacher.

Since then, reading, teaching and learning have remained a daily passion- as natural and as essential to me as breathing. I am so fortunate that my passion became my purpose and my purpose became my profession. My dream is to help others discover their own passion for reading and learning. Who knows? Years from now some may have their very own epiphany!

Weekly Wall of Fame

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Each week, I’ll be sharing the very best of your work – work that has impressed me. This could be homework or class work. Anyone featured on my Virtual Wall of Fame will achieve S-P-I points if eligible and house points.

This week, I’ve been so impressed by the quality of collaborative work across years 11, 12 and 13. From Padlets to mindmaps, using Whatsapp or Edmodo, the students are all pulling together to create and learn. Impressive stuff!


Year 8 and 9 homework researching the context of Of Mice and Men




SO4 Takeaway Homework

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SO4 takeaway menu Homework Success Criteria:  Takeaway Homework forms an important part of the assessment process. It is a key indicator of your progress and effort and informs my decision when giv…

Source: SO4 Takeaway Homework

Welcome back!

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Welcome back to a new academic year. Here’s a quick guide to what we’ll be doing:

Image result for of mice and men book cover

Years 8 and 9: We will be reading the amazing ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. We’ll be learning all about America in the 1930s and uncovering the dark truth about The American Dream.

Image result for sign of four book cover

Year 11: We’ll firstly be reviewing the mock exam we took at the end of last year. You’ll be preparing for your literature mock too. We’ll be getting back to ‘The Sign Of Four’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and solving the mysterious case of the one legged man!

Image result for great gatsby book cover

Year 12: You’ll be getting to grips with the demands of A Level study and diving into the decadent era of Jazz and Flappers as we study F.Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel: ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Year 13: Be prepared to enter the dark world of Jacobean Revenge Tragedy, full of blood, gore, incest and murder. Just like Game of Thrones but without the dragons! Welcome to Webster’s ‘The Duchess of Malfi’.






S-P-I Challenge

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This is the resource you need for your S-P-I challenge. Good luck!


A* Tricks for all

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Thanks to everyone who attended my A* revision class today. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s the PPT:

Remember, these tricks are for everyone, whatever your target grade… Good luck to you all xx


A grade tricks

Just a reminder to all students that new resources are being added all the time to support your learning.

Also, a gentle reminder of the value and importance of homework: why homework presentation