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World Book Day!

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

To celebrate World Book Day on 1st March there will be special lessons tomorrow and Thursday for KS3 (years 7,8,9) and as a special treat everyone will receive book token. If you want to join in the fun why not visit the World Book Day website for loads of interviews with some of your favourite authors such as Jaqueline Wilson and Andy Stanton.


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The schedule for flexis this week for 11X2 and 11W2 has been changed due to the Maths exams. Therefore the flexis for your Literature essay (Frankenstein & Merchant of Venice) will run on Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th March. If you have other resits to take come along to A17 after school and I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone.

How big is your vocab?

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever wondered how many words you know? You may not realise it but increasing your vocabulary is one sure-fire way of raising your grade. The easiest way to do this is by reading… anything and everything. I’ve taken the challenge at and discovered that I have a vocabulary of around 28,000 words. Why not try it yourself and anyone who can beat me (print out your result page and prove it!) will receive a prize.

I’m listening to you!

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It’s important to know that our opinion matters, so with that in mind I’ve decided to find out what you think about the teaching you receive in English. Whilst this is a risky strategy because I might not like what you say, it’s important that you get the chance to comment on your experience in the classroom. How much do you enjoy your lessons? Do you think you receive enough feedback about your progress and do you know what you need to do to improve your grades? If you have an opinion to share, why not spend a couple of minutes filling in the poll <a href=" How would you rate the teaching you receive in English?” title=”poll”> Be as honest as you can and who knows, your opinion could have a positive effect on the way I plan and deliver your lessons in future…

And here’s the deal, if I receive more than 50 responses by next Friday, there will be a free chocolate bar for every one of my pupils in the last week of term! That’s a lot of chocolate!!

In other news, check out the latest feature of the blog under the pages section on the right. I’ll be posting supporting material for Controlled Conditions tasks plus additional material on essay writing, grammar and stuff to get you reading! Keep an eye out for new additions…

Controlled Conditions Countdown…

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

It feels like the light is finally at the end of a very long tunnel! For my year 10 and 11 groups, you’ll no doubt be fed up to the back teeth of endless Controlled Conditions Assignments. Hang on in there! The deadline for submitting all your coursework is 20th March and we’re in the final stages of resits.

I’ll be running flexis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to mop up any stragglers but be warned, it’s YOUR responsibility to ensure that you’ve got all your pieces done!

Attached to this post is a podcast to help you prepare for the Spoken Language resit. This is mainly for 11X2 but there are a few of you from 10W1 and 11W2 who still need to make the grade.

Enjoy and listen out for my pet cat Eddie who interrupts halfway through – extra points for anyone who can comment on the idiolect of a cat!!

If you’re suffering with that back to school feeling, spare a thought for all the poor teachers who’ve spent the last week marking, filing, planning and now blogging ready for your return.

For year 7, we’ll be looking at the poet John Agard. Check out the link to hear his amazing live performances. You’ll get the chance to practice and perform your own favorite Agard poem plus have a go at his style of poetry yourselves for your Anthology.

Take a look at the Wildself website and see how we got inspired to write fantastic similes by making ourselves into weird and wonderful creatures- see mine below!!

For year 9, we’ll be continuing to study Much Ado About Nothing. This week kicks off with a short magazine project where you’ll get the chance to check out celeb magazines and learn from the language techniques they use before putting together your own Wedding Special to celebrate the marriage of Claudio and Hero… check out your knowledge so far with this quick taster quiz for a more in depth challenge click the link in the Blogroll on the right of the screen and see how much you know about Much Ado!