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To help you prepare for Monday’s Mock Language GCSE you’ll find here a number of downloadable resources to support you.

Comparison question – take a look at two sample answers and decide what grade each deserves. Contains useful analysis of how points are earned.
year 10 comparison question

Try out this great comparison method: The Chocolate Method. Using this method will help you develop the skill of simultaneous comparison. In other words, you compare the two texts at the same time. Use the table in this document to guide you in the process then, once you get the hang of it, you can apply it to anything: language, presentation devices etc. Why not use some of the material we’ve worked on in class or look on the page of sample materials.

Comparing Chocolate

Here are a number of general resources to support your revision:


Writing to Argue or Persuade-Glossary

Easter Revision

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Well done to all the year 11 pupils who attended my flexi yesterday. I hope that you got something out of our time together. Don’t forget to keep checking for revision material here on the blog. Over the next few days I plan to add more material to support your revision of Of Mice and Men and also some past papers for the GSCE Language exam for you to practice. In the meantime, have an amazing Easter.