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Hi 10W, obviously you’ll be busy revising for your English GCSE on May 29th 🙂 so to help you I’ve found some brilliant Youtube videos which explain in detail what you need to do to answer every question on the AQA English Language paper. Each 5-10 minute video breaks down the question in detail and explains what you would need to include in order to achieve whichever grade you’re targeted. Take a look at this vast range of videos and pick the ones that suit you. For example, if you didn’t do well on the retrieval question (question 1) check out that video.

I really think you’ll find these videos useful so do yourself a BIG favour and click on the link and spend ten minutes a day brushing up on essential techniques.


PS click here for your flexi schedule.

WOW! Thanks to the lovely Coral in 11X3, I’ve got some great new resources to help you get to grips with our 15 Character and Voice poems from the Poetry Anthology.

Go to Youtube and search for We Can Study English and you’ll be able to view fab little five minute videos which analyse each of the poems in detail using the S.M.I.L.E technique which looks at Structure, Meaning, Imagery, Language and Effect.

Click here for short cut to the poetry videos but there’s loads of other great stuff on there too on Of Mice and Men so have a good look round. This is a particularly good resource for anyone who has missed the odd lesson and needs to catch up…

Add the SMILE annotations to your anthology and discover new interpretations and explanations… remember, there’s no right and wrong – it’s all about how you respond (AO1) and explain the language and effect (AO2).

PS click here for your flexi schedule!

Please be patient!!

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Hi all, just to let you know that life is a little hectic in the Gibbs household as I’m moving house. I’ll be back into blogging very soon and posting new revision materials for everyone. In the meantime, please can all year 10s and 11s attend ALL flexis. A list of dates, venues and times is on my door (A17). I’ll do my best to get extra stuff uploaded for you as soon as possible.

Year 9s need to be revising everything we’ve covered in classes over the last few weeks to prepare for their exam on 10th May. I know you’ll be great. Just remember TAP and use PEE!!

I won’t be at school on Friday 4th May but that’s know excuse to let standards drop and every class will be expected to complete ALL cover work set. Don’t let me down. Remember you are my ambassadors when I’m not there.

So keep visiting and commenting and using the resources that are on here to support your revision. Please leave requests and suggestions for any content you would like me to include to help you prepare for your exams and normal service will be resumed very soon!