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After Half Term

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s been a difficult start to this academic year for me. I want to thank all my students for their support as I recovered from my operation. I’m thrilled to say that you all worked really hard in my absence and I’m looking forward to the next half term now that I am feeling so much better. 🙂

But now it’s down to some hard work. Here’s what we’ll be up to in the run up to Christmas:

Year 8 will be finishing their work on the novel and then looking at poetry from different cultures.

Year 9 will be completing the Percy Jackson scheme of work (and handing in their Greek Myths and Legends projects!!) and then we’ll be discovering poetry in a whole range of exciting ways and perfecting our GCSE skills of comparison and analysis.

Year 10 will begin an extended reading of the Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men ready for their next piece of coursework which will examine relationships between the characters.
Year 11 will have a frenetic tour of Twelfth Night drawing comparisons with Lord of the Flies for those top grades in their next CCA before they head of for work experience.

Year 12 will continue studying The Picture of Dorian Gray whilst year 13 will be busy drawing the poetry of Blake into their study of John Ford, the 17th century tragedian.

Don’t forget to visit the blog often for extra resources to support your learning.

See you after half term!