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Celebrating Success

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

We’re now well into the Autumn term and so far, I’ve been amazed at the hard work and enthusiasm shown by all my students.

Year 8 are currently grappling with grammar and I’m loving our fast-paced lessons. I’ll let you into a little secret too… these lessons are reminding me of some of the grammar rules I had forgotten, so my own writing is also improving!

Year 9 are LOVING ‘Of Mice and Men’. So far we’ve had great fun reading, hot-seating and role-playing characters as well as building on our year 8 progress and writing some great PEE+E paragraphs. I’m so impressed with how they are seeing Steinbeck’s skill as a writer and are able to infer deeper meanings from the text. Great stuff!

Year 10 have already tackled one piece of coursework for their GCSE English Language and are fast approaching their second. Their dedication to their work and their determination to improve their reading and writing skills is truly humbling. Go for it!

Year 11 are about to embark on their second text for their English Literature Coursework. We’ve just finished Macbeth and I’ve been blown away by the quality of their written work. Not only are they becoming truly skilled writers, but they are able to comment on Shakespeare’s use of language structure and form with real confidence. Impressive!

Year 12 are getting to grips with Shaffer’s intense play ‘Equus’ and learning what it means to be an academic writer. I think some were a bit bemused by the horse that came to school, but I hope they saw the value in spending time up close and personal with this fascinating animal that is at the heart of the text we are studying. Larkin’s poetry is also on the menu and they are responding really well to the challenge of his cynical style.

Finally, year 13 are loving the revenge tragedy of the Renaissance period and we’re so looking forward to our trip to the Jacobean Theatre at the Globe in November.

Don’t forget to keep checking the Blog for extra resources to support your learning and, if you haven’t already done so, please complete my short survey on homework (link in my previous post).

Well done again for a fantastic start to the term. 🙂

Mrs G