Lessons and resources

Introductory Lesson

LO: In this lesson you will:





Lesson 1

LO: In this lesson you will:

  • learn about some of the key contexts of Jacobean drama
  • take further your understanding of how contextual information affects reading and interpretation malfi-lesson-1

Lesson 3

LO: In this lesson you will:

  • Explore the Dedication and Commendatory Verses
  • Consider Webster’s views of the nobility and the effect on our understanding of the play’s themes.
  • To explore modern and contemporary reviews of TDOM malfi-lesson-3

Resources: l3-the-duchess-of-malfi-critical-extracts

Lesson 4 -22/09

LO: To explore the presentation of power and politics in the opening of The Duchess of Malfi. malfi-lesson-4

Resources: governance-extract

Lesson 5 29/09

LO: To explore the male perception of the Duchess’ sexuality and our own perception of it.


Lesson 6

LO: To explore the character of Bosola through his dialogue in Act 2, Scene 1.


Lesson 7 18/10

LO: To explain and apply the criteria of an A level comparative paragraph


Lesson 8 20/10/16 malfi-lesson-8

Lesson 9  LO: To explore other interpretations (AO5) of the scenes we have studied so far.


Lesson 10: LO: To explore the dark imagery used in Act 2, Scene 3.


Lesson 11: LO: To explore the relationship between The Cardinal and Julia in Act 2 Sc 4.


Lesson 12: LO: To explore the downfall of Ferdinand.


Lesson 13: LO: To explore the theme of misogyny and analyse Ferdinand’s response to his sister’s sin.


Lesson 14: LO: To complete a class reading of Act 3 Sc 1, to apply contextual knowledge and identify links to Rossetti


Lesson 15: LO: To explore the language, punctuation and structure used in Act 3 sc 2.


Lesson 16: LO: To explore language, punctuation and structure used in Act 3, Scene 3.


Lesson 17: LO: To explore the themes in Act 3, Scene 4 and Act 3, Scene 5.

To analyse as we read


Lesson 18:  LO: To identify the importance of Act 4 Scene 1 to the understanding The Duchess’ psyche


Links to resources: BBC article on use of light and dark

Imagery and symbolism in Remember by Rossetti

Lesson 19: LO: To compare and contrasts the deaths of Cariola and The Duchess.

To explore the theme and context of madness