Independent tasks


This is where you can find the independent tasks I have set in class:

1. Wider research: the book has been made into a film 5 times. Research other films. Note differences in presentation.

2. watch the BBC programme on the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald (see context page). Make careful notes and create a timeline of key moments in his life such as his education, marriage, publication of works. Extra challenge: Write a summary of Fitzgerald in your reading journal and note similarities to Gatsby as you read the novel.

3.the resource on Narration: narration Make notes (using the headings below)on the ways in which Fitzgerald overcomes the limitations of first person narrative voice:

  • Recounting dialogue between characters
  • Direct quotation of another character’s sustained account
  • Paraphrasing another characters’ words
  • Piecing together fragments of a story into a continuous narrative in Nick’s voice
  • Speculation about what might have happened
  • Speculation about what a character may have felt e.g. ‘he must have felt…’
  • Evocations of another character’s consciousness ‘he felt…’

4 This week, you will carry out some wider reading from The Art Of Fiction by David Lodge.

Read and make notes for your folder on the following chapters:


Video on Modernism linked to Lesson to lesson 4: modernism