Component 1: Shakespeare Twelfth Night

Revision timetable:revision timetable 12th night final

Welcome to this unit!

Critical quotations


Read about the innovative performance we saw at Windsor Theatre Royal for AO5 other interpretations and AO2 staging: Filter performance

twelfth night lecture handouts

Complete PPT of all lessons:

Twelfth Night

Flipped task:

To help you understand Shakespeare’s use of iambic pentameter, watch this fascinating video of the rhythmic qualities of music and poetry by top hip hop artist Akala. Consider what you learn about Shakespeare’s use of iambic pentameter. What does it add to the text?

Research Elizabethan festivals/carnivals and understand the origins of Twelfth Night. click on the links below and think about the following questions:

1. what was the changing role of festivals and the role played by the theatre in Protestant England?

2. consider the relevance of the title of the play, what do you think Shakespeare may have been implying here?

A handy booklet packed full of character profiles, quotes and grade boosting tips.

Download here: revision booklet 12th night

Critical material on the character of Malvolio:Shakespeare’s Gull

Critical essays on Twelfth Night: critical essays

Attitudes to madness in Shakespeare

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