A2 2015/16

Brush up on your knowledge of literary history and key terms with this handy: English-Companion

Also: a selection of revision activities to support Blake and Ford:Active Revision for Blake and Ford

To support you in all aspects of this course, please click the link below and download this excellent resource:

mr bruff revision and grammar guides and ebooks


Course cover sheet for your folder: A2 OCR F663 folder page

Welcome to A2! You can now download the text of the play here until your own texts arrive from this site: http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/f/ford/john/pity/ or simply click on Tis Pity She’s a Whore on the Blogroll on the left of the screen.

We began the course with an introduction to the age…

To gain an overview of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods and the contrasts between them
We analysed the Aramada Portrait of Elizabeth I (below right) to think about the idea of the ‘context’ of literature and explore how useful and relevant it is to developing an interpretation of Tis Pity.

For homework you need to compare this with the portrait of James 1 of England and VI of Scotland by Daniel Mytens, 1621 and complete the tasks on the sheet which you can download here:

An introduction to the age James 1 Homework

For anyone who missed the first lesson (or any others), you can download the entire powerpoint here: (and do the homework!)

An introduction to the age

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    Would you be able to put the course front page on the blog, please?

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