Support your understanding of Blake by reading the resources below:

General resources:

New Resource: handy table to compare poems with Tis Pity  Blake ford Revision table

South Bank Show on Blake

blake poems explained

A2 Blake study task Complete this on-going study task to develop your understanding of Blake’s context and themes.

study pack



context 2


french rev background

William Blake 1757

William Blake background

William Blake

BBC resource in Blake for AO3 and 4

Women in Blake:


women in blake and ford

What the examiners are looking for:

OCR publish example scripts to provide examples of work of different grades. This is their June 2010 exemplar scripts document. It doesn’t cover Blake and Ford, but look at the other comparative essays e.g. the ones on Webster and Chaucer, or Webster and Donne. There’s also examples of the Shakespeare scripts too.

exemplar scripts F663 2010

Linking Blake and Ford

Blake’s links with Ford

Last year’s students produced some excellent resources linking Blake with Ford :
Blake research rav
Ford History and Shakespeare rimmy

Anna’s Comparison Presentation

Rav’s cluster 4 comparison presentation

Exam style questions:
Section B questions that can be used for tis and blake

Drama and Poetry exam style questions

Blakeford timed essay

past paper questions

Essay Plans


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