Blake/Ford comparative points with feedback

Possible links:

  • ™Both write a great deal about sexual liberation, in particular the pursuit, regardless of gender, of one’s own desires.
  • ™Contradictions in their work e.g. the evil represented by the female will.
  • ™Work raises questions that are hotly debated today.
  • ™Both can be considered a radical who urges the individual to reject the pressure of authorities.
  • ™Work has caused critical controversy.
  • ™Both made it clear where their sympathies lay.
  • ™Encourages readers to examine moral values.
  • ™Blake considered ‘mad’ and eccentric, Ford considered ‘melancholy’.
  • ™Ambiguity.
  • ™Radical – natural aversion to tyranny.
  • ™Earlier poems imitate Shakespeare.
  • ™Lives during a crucial phase in Western history e.g. American independence.

Use these to help you plan and improve your comparative points:

blake_and_ford_comparative_point anna with feedback

rav blake_and_ford_comparison marked

rimmy comparative marked

ruby write_a_comparative_point marked

siri blake and ford comparative point marked

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