About the Blog

This Blog is primarily for my students of English, however I’m happy for anyone to use this site if they find it useful.

The purpose of this Blog is to support your learning and to be able to communicate with you about your progress. On here you’ll be able to download important resources, access podcasts and videos relating to the texts and topics we will be studying and post your own comments.

At the top of the homepage you’ll see a number of headings, use these to guide you to specific areas that relate to your particular lessons. Every week or so I’ll publish a a Blog update to provide important information or simply have a chat with you.

On the left hand side of the screen you’ll see a list of recent Blogs so you can catch up with any you have missed. Also you’ll see the Blogroll which is a list of useful links and resources. Simple look down the list and check out what’s there to help you. Feel free to send me your own links for me to add to the Blogroll in exchange for housepoints of course!

Finally, don’t forget to leave me your comments so that I can keep the Blog relevant and useful.


  1. Lynn says:

    Miss, in the conclusion for the essay, does it have to be linked to the essay question?

  2. mrsjgibbs says:

    Yes Lynn, that would be good. try to summarise how each of the writers has used contrast.

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