Q5 – Narrative/descriptive writing

For this you will have a choice of two questions to test your narrative (story telling) skills and/or descriptive writing skills.

EG: one question might be based on a picture which will act as a stimulus and the question will ask you to describe it, the other question will be a narrative question which will ask you to write part of a story linked to a theme which relates to the picture.

The questions may both be descriptive, both narrative or one of each. So you need to know the difference and similarities between these two writing styles. Check out these videos for clarification.

Mr Bruff Revision video:   Descriptive writing

Mr Bruff Revision video: Narrative writing – writing a short story or part of a short story

This covers revision activities for Q5 for both paper 1 and 2: y11-revision-booklet-writing


Example Narrative written by Mrs Gibbs: Death jump q5 paper 1 sample answer describe