Speaking and Listening

Speaking in front of a class can seem very daunting, but it’s a life skill that we all need to develop. To help you prepare, you can find some useful resources here:

Candidates must:

  • Undertake a prepared spoken presentation on a specific topic
  • Plan a speech that should be no more than ten minutes.

The key requirements are:

  • Must be formal
  • Can be a talk, speech or dialogue (lower levels only).
  • Identify the topic in advance and agree it with their teacher.
  • Presentations must be planned and organised.
  • May use pre-prepared cue cards to assist them during their presentations.

Candidates should be advised that lack of preparation is likely to prevent access to the criteria for the higher grades.

  • As part of, or following, the presentation, candidates must listen to and respond appropriately to questions and feedback.


BBC Bitesize

Watch examples of great speakers, some younger than you!


Kid President

Emma Watson

This is the entire powerpoint presentation of all our lessons to help you prepare your speech: GCSE-Spoken-Language2 for blog

Check the link below to see when you will be doing your presentation. Please DO NOT MISS your lesson/time slot:  Timetable of Speaking and Listening presentations