GCSE Language 2016

New Resources: As we head towards the exam, here are some new resources to support your revision: Foundation Tier Past Paper Pack

This is the last year for the old specification and so, the resources here are tailored specifically for your needs.

Find your way around the Foundation paper with this handy quiz to test your understanding of what you are being asked to do:

0 Foundation Language Exam Revision

Sample papers for you to download and practice at home:




Other practice resources

Please give any completed questions or papers to me to mark for you.

Example of language checklist

And don’t forget, watch the Mr Bruff videos on Youtube. They are AMAZING and will help you improve your grade. Watch, make notes, practice. Here’s a selection but there are many more…

An explanation of the Foundation Paper:

An overview of Section A of the Foundation Paper:

You can find videos for each question on the relevant pages on this Blog. Just go to the page for the question you are revising and click the link.

Good Luck!

Now go to Youtube to see videos about the Writing Section B…

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