The Sign of The Four

Welcome to this unit of work. This is Section B: The 19th-century novel. To understand more about this unit and what you are being examined on, here is a short powerpoint presentation which explains the assessment objectives clearly:

explanation of Section B Literature

And here’s a sample of the kind of exam question you will be doing:

Exam Question for Intro lesson and lesson 2

To help your progress in this unit, you have a weekly homework booklet in which you are expected to answer questions on each chapter of the novel. If you lose your copy, you can find it here:

Sign of Four chapter Questions book

In addition, you will also be given homework to help you get to grips with the challenging vocabulary (practice) and research (preparation) tasks to help you develop knowledge of the context of the novel. If you miss a lesson, or lose your sheets, you can find them here:

Definitions – spellings – Policing research task  (week one)

Spellings-definitions-Victorian crime research (week two)

Definitions – spellings – Imperalism and the British Empire research (week three)

We will be reading the novel with the help of an audio book. If you miss a reading lesson, you can listen to the chapter you have missed by using the link below. Follow the text closely in your books. Highlight any difficult vocabulary and keep a dictionary to hand to look up words and add them to your vocabulary bank:

If you find yourself a bit lost, you can check your understanding by reading this slightly adapted version of the text (see link below). It is written in simple language and will help you to follow the plot. However, it is no replacement for reading the real novel and my advice is to re-read each chapter carefully in your own time:

SoF Intermediate Reader with Tasks at the end

Finally, if you haven’t yet got your book (available from finance) don’t get left behind, you can find the WHOLE NOVEL here:

Sign of four WHOLE NOVEL!

Other helpful resources:

Sign of four revision booklet

characters in sign of four

Buy Mr Bruff’s Ebook

To develop your understanding of context go here:

BBC History – The Victorians

Mr Bruff video on Context of SO4

To help refresh your memory and revise chapters 1-6 go to: GCSE Bitesize and complete the revision tests.

For more on the conventions of the Detetive Novel genre you can watch Andrew Marr’s excellent documentary (available for 28 days from 19/10/16):

Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers episode 1


Quote gallery:

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