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Homework Success Criteria:  Takeaway Homework forms an important part of the assessment process. It is a key indicator of your progress and effort and informs my decision when giving both your attainment and effort grades. The best pieces are often put on display as a visual representation of your learning.

Homework will be assessed on the following criteria:

I: Demonstrates independence

M: More than just the bare minimum

P: Perfect presentation = pride

R: Responds to the task imaginatively/creatively

E: Effort: time, detail, resources used etc.

S: Skills: shows a development in skills and understanding of the text.

S: Stands out from the crowd.

Use the resources here to help you to choose and complete your Takeaway Homework task:


Clue Log Book: You can create a small log book to record the clues found in each chapter.

One way to do this is to make a simple foldable.

For a map of London, visit Google Maps


Here’s a handy adaptable (feel free to change the title, date, picture etc…) template for the Newspaper Article: newspaper template  Feel free to create your own.

Dating profile template: dating profile  Feel free to create your own.

Comic strip: comic strip template



Make a model of one of the settings: It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as these examples but your get the picture…

Research the Aesthetic Movement: for this task, I don’t want you to copy and paste from Wiki! Instead you could use any of the following sources to help you:

V&A Museum

British Library

Video: The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement

Due Monday 6th June