Anthology poetry resources

Excellent revision resource for the Character and Voice poems:

Timed q model answer
Helpful guide to the poetry exam: what to revise, what you are being assessed on and how to approach each question:
unseen poetry revision crib sheet
AQA Revision resources for the Character and Voice poems:

For a video which breaks down of the poetry paper including explanation of Assessment Objectives

For videos which analyse each of our 15 poems using the S.M.I.L.E method (structure, meaning, imagaery, language and effect)

Links between poems

Glossary of Literary Terms

Comparing Poems

Poetry Essay Structure

clown punk revision task1

clown punk revision task 2

checking out context

checking out me history response

checking out me history metaphors

singh song themes

singh song revision task

Singh song context

simon armitage

medusa structure

medusa context

give viewpoint and tone

Give research tasks

give context

Duchess themes


Practice unseen poem: Charge of The Light Brigade

Yr 11 Sample Question Unseen Poem

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